Art Expression -Acrylic on Canvas

Every student is unique, and so is her/his style.

Their final creation will be an acrylic on canvas masterpiece to hang on their wall with pride.

My Objectives:

The student will gain an understanding of how feelings play a role in art making. We will talk about the connection between color, texture, strokes, shape, size etc. and how it affects the artwork, as they create a painting which expresses her/his creativity.

Discussions while painting:

Expression, feelings, texture, idea, color, line, imagine, create, change, evolve, happy, sad, excited, bright, dull, acrylic, calm, experience, design, focus, perspective, weather, seasons.

All classes will be held in my home with students of a similar age level. 

Each child will learn how to use, clean and care for her/his supplies.

After 1st 4 lessons, each child will be required to bring her/his own art supplies.

The supplies and canvas will remain at my home until the end of the course.

Young Adults 12-18years

All material, including a 16” x 20” canvas are included for the 1st 4 lessons.

Art lessons 2 or more students… 4 weeks $250.00 / 1 hour.

Private lessons:

$70.00/ 1 hour private lessons

$85.00/1.5 hour private lesson

$300.00/4 lessons of 1.5 hours

Adult lessons:

All materials, including a 16” x 20” canvas are included for the 1st 4 lessons.

$70.00/1 hour private lesson

$85.00/1.5 hour private lesson

$300.00/ 4 lesson 1.5 hours semi-private sessions

Payment due at first lesson

Classes will meet once a week on the same day and time.

Weekdays and times can be arranged

Class Description:
I try never to “teach” art.  Instead, I demonstrate techniques and encourage the student to discover their own technique.  Being able to observe, how to hold a brush and how to stroke, dap, blend on the paint, while they are creating, fosters their enthusiasm. Trying different techniques, different brushes and paints all lead to different styles of their own creativity.

Paint brushes, professional acrylic brushes, I prefer long handled Bristle Brushes

No. 4, 5 8 Filbert

No. 2, 10, 14 Flat

No. 0, 10 Round

(the brushes range in price. Please keep in mind, as your child gets older she/he will want to buy more brushes as it is exciting to shop for different brushes that accomplish different strokes, and they can be expensive)

Easels, pallets and cleaning supplies will be provided.

What they will need:

An 18” x 24” stretched canvas on wooden frame

Sketch pad

  1. Acrylic paints in tubes (Cadmium Red, Cerulean Blue, Phthalo Blue, Colbalt Blue Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Chromium  Green, Turquoise Green, Raw Umber, Magenta, Titanium White, Mars Black…,your child might have something in mind to draw and it is fine to add more tubes of different colors)